how to bring about peace on earth

Today we ask you to forgive.

“Forgive” is a very misunderstood concept.

For many, there is an association with moral superiority.  You are the morally superior being who, out of your virtue, deigns to forgive someone who is morally inferior.  You should be applauded for doing so.  The person you have forgiven is really in your debt.

This is all false, and it is not forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a perceptual shift.

It happens naturally, in an unforced way, when you being to change your beliefs about reality.

Most people go through life very attached to concepts of judgment, and guilt.  It does not matter if you are a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, or an atheist.  All of these groups carry a strong belief in judgment, and guilt.  Some call it hell, some call it karma, some call it ethics.  

In every world view, there is a belief that immoral behavior can and should create a causal chain that leads to punishment.  Guilt is a stain on the soul that cannot be cleansed without some form of purification process, usually painful.

This belief creates a deep terror of life, the universe, and God.  If something is recording all your sins and lying in wait to punish you in this lifetime, the next, or in “Hell” — what a terrifying existence this is!  God is a frightening deity.  Death is to be dreaded and feared.  Either it is total annihilation, or something even worse than annihilation — some sort of courtroom where you must account for your crimes, and face your divine punishment.

None of this is true.

None of this is true.

“Hell” exists nowhere outside the human mind.  It is a completely made-up, imaginary construct.  People choose to live in Hell, because they believe in it.  And people who live in mental Hells create Hells around them.  They create Hell on Earth.  

Please understand that there is no such thing as “divine judgment.”

There are no avenging angels.

It is absolutely impossible for any being you deem “angelic” to perceive any human being as guilty, sinful, or defective in any way.

This is tantamount to perceiving a newborn infant as guilty or sinful, or perceiving an animal as sinful.

To perceive a baby as sinful is insane.  Only a crazy person would do that.

From the “angelic” perspective, all perception of sin is insane.

The unconditional love a healthy person feels for a baby is sane.  

And that is how the “angels,” or higher-dimensional beings, perceive you, right now.

It does not matter what you have or haven’t done.

You are perceived as being as perfect and guiltless as a newborn.

Therefore “angels” do not forgive, or even really understand the concept as you think of it.  They perceive differently.

As your own perception grows and matures, it will become like unto “the angels.”  When this happens, you will “forgive” without any effort, and certainly without moral superiority.

You can perceive this within your own cultural history.  There was a time when black people were largely considered inherently sinful, and morally defective.  Many still consider homosexuals to be inherently sinful, and morally defective; thankfully, this is changing.

There will come a day when people evolve beyond even the concept that criminals are sinful, and morally defective.

There will come a day when people evolve beyond the concepts of guilt, and punishment.

You will then perceive as the “angels” perceive.

That day, peace shall reign on Earth.