you are in a loving universe

Today we ask that you find a new way to look at your life situation.

When most people look at their life situation, they think: “I have problems.”

“I don’t have enough money.”

“I don’t have enough success.”

“I don’t have loving relationships.”

“I don’t have enough health.”

And so on, and so on.

Their life situation is defined by problems.

But what if you perceived your life situation in the polar opposite way:

“I do have enough money.”

“I do have enough success.”

“I do have loving relationships.”

“I do have health.”

Sit with statements like this, and find the ways in which they are equally true.

For example, if even if you believe you don’t have enough money, somehow something must be sustaining your life force, or else you wouldn’t be reading these words right now.

Isn’t your life force always sustained?  Hasn’t it always been sustained?

Maybe you do not believe you are successful in worldly terms, but surely, if you consider the matter, you can imagine that you are a success at something.  Even if it is just getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth — you must accomplish things successfully, or again, you would not be here to read these words.  

As for loving relationships — even if you are alone and friendless, is there truly no one?  Maybe you have a pet.  Maybe someone working in a store was kind to you — that is an expression of love.  Maybe someone out there in the world really cares about you, even if it is hard for you to acknowledge this.  

On a fundamental level, the universe itself is loving and sustaining you — or else you wouldn’t be here to read these words.

As far as health goes, just being alive requires a substantial amount of health.  All your organs and cells must be functioning at a high rate of perfection, or you wouldn’t be alive at all.

Think about it: your heart is beating.  Your lungs are taking in and expelling air.  Nourishment is being absorbed.  Neurons are firing in your brain.  A whole lot is going on in that body, and it is going on perfectly — or else you would not be reading these words right now.

This is not about being a pollyanna, or a foolish optimist.  Everything that is being stated here is absolutely true.

What is truer?

That you are a capable human being whose life is being fully sustained, within a caring universe?

Or that you are a struggling, helpless victim whose life is being snuffed out, within a hostile universe?

Chances are, you subscribe to one of these two beliefs.

Which one feels truer to you?

Consider the matter carefully.  For whichever one you choose to believe — and it is a choice — will wholly determine your experience of life.