why cynics are their own worst enemies

Today we ask that you not be cynical.

No one is born cynical.  Little children are not cynical.

Cynicism is a defense mechanism that begins often in adolescence, and for many continues to thicken and harden as people age.

“Coolness” is associated with cynicism.  You’re cool, unemotional, a bit callous toward people’s feelings. You tend to attack things that are emotional and sincere.

Cynicism is associated with a critical voice.  The cynic is perpetually unimpressed.  Nothing is ever good enough for the cynic.  Life is an eye-roll, a yawn.  

This is a very limited, unhealthy state of mind.

Cynicism is a form of armor.  Children don’t start off cynical, but as they get hurt by life experiences, cynicism creeps in.

Cynicism is like the slime that forms on a stagnant pond.

Your energy is like water.  When it is healthy, it moves and flows.  When you are psychically injured, energy gets stuck.  The water stagnates.  Slime grows.

Cynicism is the psychic slime that grows over an injury — a place of stuck, stagnant energy.

Look at the ways in which you are cynical.  Look at the things you are cynical about.

These are clear indicators for you of where you have been injured, and have not healed.

People who are cynical about loving relationships have been hurt in relationships.  Or else they’ve never really had one; they’ve been rejected.

People who are cynical about doing meaningful work often feel blocked and frustrated about a lack of meaning in their own careers.  

People who are cynical about spirituality were often damaged by negative experiences with religion; or else feel so victimized by life that it is impossible for them to believe in a loving universe.

It is very easy to fall into cynicism.  It is the common language of victimhood — and most people feel like victims.

Cynicism feels like a defense against further victimization.

But really, it is a block.  It is the slime on the stagnant pond, cutting off light and air and flow.

Cynicism is a block to healing, well-being, and expanded consciousness.

In this world, it is very frightening not to be cynical.  For every sincere, genuine person out there, there is a horde of cynics waiting to pick them apart, and tear them down.

But if it weren’t for sincere, genuine people, nothing of real meaning and beauty would ever be created in this world.

Please notice the ways in which you are cynical.  These are signposts for you, leading you to places where you have stuck psychic energy and unhealed injuries that bear examination.

Being cynical and tearing down other people may give you a temporary rush, but in the long term it only increases your misery.  It is a direct block to your well-being.