Today we ask that you honor your teachers.

And know that everyone you interact with is a teacher.

Every interaction you experience is a learning situation.

You can learn from everyone, and everything.

Some might even say this is what you are here to do.

We would say that learning is a part of what you are here for.  Not all.  But a major part.

So embrace your teachers.

And know that the people who challenge you the most are usually your greatest teachers.

Just as in school, the greatest teachers are the ones who really challenge you.  You learn the most from such teachers.

In this way, family members with whom you have contentious relationships can be great teachers.

But even the annoying clerk on the phone, or the person who cuts you off in traffic can be a great teacher, too.

Your own body can be a great teacher, particularly if you deal with physical or mental illness.  Illness is a great teacher.

Children are always great teachers.

Think of all you have learned in this lifetime.

Could you have learned it any other way?

So that is why reality is a great teacher.

And everyone you meet today is a teacher.

Animals are teachers.

Even inanimate objects can be teachers.

The mountains are teachers.  The oceans are teachers.  The clouds and rain and weather are teachers.

If you walk through life in the position of a very open-minded student who is eager to learn, then the flow of reality will really start to make sense to you.