Today we ask that you not worry about things that are beyond your control.

Everything in your external reality is beyond your control.


You are not in control of anything.  If it sometimes seems like you are, this is a temporary illusion.  The passage of time will soon disabuse you of this notion.

There is only one thing you have control over.

And that is what is inside.

The way you perceive things.  The quality of your consciousness.

This, you have some control over.  Though “control” is not the best word for it.  It is more like you are operating a vehicle, and with skill and practice can become a good driver of your consciousness.

The best thing to do with your consciousness, always, is to relax and stay calm, no matter what is happening externally.

You may believe it is impossible to stay calm when life is so upsetting and worrisome, but this is not so.

Many of you believe that you are supposed to worry about things.  That it is irresponsible not to be tense and worried all the time.  But this is not so.

Who do you want around you, in a crisis?  A tense, anxious, worried person?  Or a calm, relaxed person?

Who is more comforting?

As a child, which would you prefer?  A tense, anxious parental figure?  Or a calm, relaxed parent?  Who would a child feel more secure with?

So really the best thing to do in this life is to cultivate a calm mind through meditative practices.  

This can be as simple as learning to meditate on the breath, and still the thinking mind.  Physical practices that get you back into your body, like yoga or tai chi, are also very beneficial.

Because you cannot ever control what is happening outside of you.  

But you do have the capacity to be a good driver of your own consciousness.

Change the way you perceive things, and you will change your life.

And then you will change the world.

Not by trying to change the world.

The only way to change the world is to go inward.

So don’t worry.  That never helped anyone.