Today we ask that you receive what you are given.

Reality is constantly giving you things.  It gives you experiences.  It gives you moments.  It brings people into your life.  Things are always happening.

Most people tend to live life in a reactive mode.  They wake up tired, and worry about what the day will bring — as if reality were something to be fended off.  They meet reality with armor on and shields up, worried about what new threat is coming their way today.

But there is another way to live.

And that is to wake up, and greet reality as a friend.  What new experiences will it bring you today?

Children wake up like this.  Reality is a friend, and each new day a cause for excitement.

But adults forget this feeling.

Can you remember how to wake up like a child?

Can you greet the new day with a sense of joy, and playfulness?

It is possible even to meet difficult or negative experiences with this feeling.

Reality is always giving you something.  Even if the experience is challenging, there is something to be received.  Many of you, in retrospect, can perceive that your challenging experiences were great gifts.

So be open to receiving what reality brings today, whether “good” or “bad.”  Reality is always giving you something.  If you are quiet and spacious, it is easier to receive.