Today we ask that you have faith that the love you put into things is never lost.

Sometimes, because you live in a very fluid and impermanent reality, it is easy to believe that love can be lost.

Someone you love dies.  You cannot see that person anymore.  It may feel like everything you shared is lost.

People who do not believe in the continuance of the soul often believe that consciousness is irretrievably lost at death.

Such people often become obsessed with making a mark on the world.  They strive to be recognized, to leave something behind so that people will speak their names when they are gone.  Failing this, they attempt to shape their children, and implant their personas into their children so that some part of them will survive after death.

How very sad and destructive such behavior is.  And it is all because people believe things can really disappear and be lost forever.

It is true that all things of form will in time disappear and be forgotten, no matter how famous they might have been in their day.  10,000 years from now, what shall be remembered of this moment in time?  Very little, if anything.

But love is not lost.  It is never lost.

Love is a form of energy.  Or, rather, it is all energy — love and light being different faces of the same thing.

Physicists know that it is impossible to destroy energy.  When matter is destroyed, the energy within it is released.  Einstein’s famous equation describes the vast quantity of energy contained within a tiny amount of matter.

So the love that you put into relationships and what you create in this life is not lost.  It remains, when everything else dissolves.

When you put true love into your actions and creations, this will always be felt.  The love will create a deep spark of connection.

Usually the greatest block to the free flow of love in your reality is egoic delusion.  Egoic delusion tries to take what is purely loving and warp it or cover it up — like when a parent’s pure love for a child becomes confused by the parent’s own egoic desires and fantasies.  

The more you can let go of these blockages, the more freely love will flow from you into the world, and return to you increased in magnitude.  For love is an energy that increases as it flows through the hearts of beings.  

This energy cannot be lost, and is never lost.  It does not disappear, or die.

It is okay if you do not believe this.  But feeling the permanence of love has a way of easing one’s fears about mortality and loss.  Life becomes much more enjoyable.