Today we ask that you let go of the need to be right.

Of all egoic desires, the need to be right is one of the most powerful.  

Think about it.  Don’t you enjoy being proven right?  Isn’t there a deep thrill of satisfaction when someone tells you “You are right” — particularly someone who may have previously said you were wrong.

Relationships break acrimoniously because people need to be right.  Wars have been fought because a handful of people needed to be right.  This is literally true.  Millions died in the first World War because a handful of people needed to be right, and this in turn set the stage for the second World War.  Dictators and tyrants have killed millions, all because they needed to be right.

Children often need to be right.  They squabble and fight and throw tantrums because they need to be right.

Most so-called adults are not much better than children in this regard.

One of the signs of true maturity is letting go of the need to be right about everything all the time.

Sometimes the greatest single action you can take as a human is simply to say to someone else: “You could be right.”

This doesn’t mean they are right.

But by simply acknowledging the mere possibility that they could be right, you open up space between you, and the other.

By saying “You could be right,” it opens space for you to hear the other person.  To really listen.

And if you can really listen to the other person, this means there is a much better chance that the other person might be able to hear you.

Try it.  Even when you are arguing with someone in your mind, try saying: “You could be right,” and see what happens.

Notice how much resistance you may feel around this, even with a projection in your mind.

Saying “You could be right” is like a magic spell.  It instantly defuses tension, and creates space.

Let go of your need to be right.  It is, perhaps, one of the healthiest, most beneficial sacrifices you can make in life.