Today we ask that you go where you are sent.

What does this mean?

In life, you all have your desires.  You have an image of what your life should be like.  You may have very specific goals that you want to attain.  And there is nothing wrong with this.

But sometimes reality has something different in mind for you.  It may ultimately be in alignment with your deepest desires — desires that come from the heart, not the ego — but the path to getting there may be quite unexpected.

When you experience blockage around a desire, this is often what is happening.

The path is leading you somewhere different.  Somewhere unexpected.

For example: sometimes there is blockage in a romantic relationship.  The desire for a deep, loving connection is in alignment with your True Self.  However, the object of your affections may not be an energetic match.

In that situation, you will experience blockage, and frustration, until you let go of the relationship.  The path is leading you elsewhere — perhaps to someone else, who is a better energetic match for you.

So: that is what it means to go where you are sent.  

When you experience a lot of blockage, it is not because reality has it in for you.

You are being nudged in another direction.  It may still lead to your heart’s desire, but along a different path.

So, in general, it is good to go where you are sent.  When unexpected things happen, it is a sign that reality is leading you down a different path.  Do not resist that flow.  Go with it, even if it sometimes feels frightening, or uncomfortable.

Go where you are sent.