Today we ask that you know you are not a worthless person.

This world is full of people who strive to prove that they are worth something.

The reason they do this is because they believe they are worthless.

If you didn’t believe you were worthless, you would have no need to prove that you are worth something.

But because you believe you are worthless, this is what you do.

You try to prove that you are worth something.

As a young person, you strive to get good grades, so you can get into a good school.   You do this in part because you think it will make you worth something.

As an adult, you strive to make a lot of money.

You strive to accrue possessions.

You strive to achieve recognition and success.

You strive to achieve fame, and prizes.

You strive to associate yourself with rich, successful, well-known people.

You think that it will make you worth something.

Or you strive in other ways.

You strive to be the most perfect mother who has ever lived.

Or you strive to be very pure in your living.  You strive to be super-“green,” perhaps.

You strive to be athletic, to display a great talent, or to be a “genius.”

You strive to be a saint, and help the oppressed and downtrodden.

You strive to be a martyr.

You kill yourself working hard to build a better life for your children — so that they may in turn strive, and in proving their worth, prove your own.

That is how you prove you are worth something, in this world.

Can you imagine what life might be like if you let all of that go?

If, for a moment, you really let go of striving to prove you are worth something?

And you were just okay being you.

You could just be you, with nothing to prove.  Nothing to defend.  Nothing to justify.

Can you imagine how calm and relaxed you would feel?

Just try, for a moment, to imagine who you would be if you didn’t have to prove you were worth something.

You are not worthless.

You do not have to prove anything.

Can you imagine that you might be easier to live with, if you didn’t have to prove you were worth something?

That you might be a better partner, spouse, or parent?  If you could just be okay being you, for once.

This world would be so much happier, so much saner, if only people stopped trying to prove they were worth something.

You are worth everything.  Every human child born is worth everything.