Today we ask that you cherish your friends.

It is always good to connect with a feeling of love for your friends in this life.

This can, of course, include animal friends, and friends who are no longer in physical bodies.

It is always good to hold a loving space for those who love you, or who have loved you in the past.

Many of you are lucky enough to have true friends.  A true friend is someone that you feel very relaxed with.  Someone with whom you can let your guard down, and feel at ease.

A true friend is someone who can really listen to you.

It is good to practice being a true friend to others.

If you are the kind of person other people feel at ease with, then many doors will open to you.  If you are a good listener, many doors will open to you.

The truest of friends does not judge.  A true friend just listens.

In learning to be a true friend, you can begin by being a true friend to yourself.

Can you be at ease with you?  Can you just listen to you?

It is good to cultivate the quality of friendliness — toward yourself, and others.

Someone who cherishes their friends will find that the world itself gets friendlier toward them.