Today we ask that you not be afraid of who you really are.

Those of you who are open to these words probably have a sense that you are much more than you appear to be.

You are not just the boy or girl, man or woman who was born in that location, to those parents, on that date.

You are not 22 or 46 or 67.

You are not “Joe” or “Lisa” or “Richard.”

You are not thin, or overweight, or average.  You are not short or tall.    You are not black or white.  You are not gay or straight.

You are not the sick person, or the mentally ill person.  

You are not your “I.Q.”

You are not the lawyer or the nanny or the clerk or the unemployed person.

You are not the struggling artist.

You are not what’s in your bank account.

You are not the mother or the father or that child, or those children.

You are not the house you own.

All of that is just a character description.

“Joanne, aged 42, born in Long Island, New York, father is an attorney, mother is a schoolteacher.  Educated at Princeton.  Works as an editor for a publishing company in New York.  Currently resides in New Jersey with her husband Steve, a photographer, and an 8 year old daughter and 4 year old son.”

So you read that, and maybe now you think you know Joanne.  You might have a whole story about Joanne.  You might judge her, or envy her, or be intimidated by her.

“Joanne” does not actually exist.  She is a made-up person.  

You cannot know a person from their character description.  All that does is a create a wall that stops you from truly connecting with that person.

You cannot know yourself from your character description.  All it does is create a wall that stops you from truly connecting with yourself.

Who you are, who you really are, has very little to do with your character description.

And many of you are beginning to realize that.  Many of you are discovering that the character description is not enough for you.  That some part of you yearns to step beyond it, to go deeper.

That is your True Self.

Your True Self is not named Bob or Bill or Mary.

Your True Self is not a chiropractor or an accountant.

Your True Self cannot be measured by numbers, or possessions.

Your True Self does not have an age.

Your True Self was never born, and it will never die.

And there is a part of you that knows, deep down, you are so much more than this.

Please don’t be afraid of it.

Your character description, your persona, is a chrysalis for the butterfly of the True Self that is even now stirring within you, waiting to emerge.

It may feel very frightening to you, but really it is your best friend, your true companion, that loves you beyond all measure.

Do not fear it.