Today we ask that you trust your heart.

You live in a dualistic reality.

In this reality, all things break down into polar opposites: life and death, male and female, up and down, light and dark, and so on. 

All creation and drama occurs in the interplay of dualistic forces.

In life, you are constantly being pulled back and forth between the heart and the mind.

The heart is aligned with the soul, or spirit.  It is aligned with deep, wordless feeling — an inner wisdom, an inner knowing.  It is inside.  And it is unaffected by what is going on externally.  It is associated with a deep peace and well-being.

When the heart is light, when the heart is at ease, you feel whole and calm.  You feel at home inside yourself, and therefore at home in the world.

The polar opposite of this is the mind, or the head.  It is also known as the ego, or the identity.

It continually races with thought.  It thinks and puzzles and ruminates.  It wants to know.  It is very wordy.  It is always trying to figure everything out — to come up with a new system, a new philosophy that will solve all your problems.

It tends to be anxious, fearful, and paranoid.  It never feels peaceful.  It always worries.  The world is terribly threatening to it.  It is home nowhere, at peace nowhere.  It is totally fixated on what is happening externally.

So: the degree of joy and peace you experience in life is entirely dependent in any given moment on whether or you are following your heart, or listening to your head.

There is nothing wrong with the thinking mind.  It can do great things, it is true.

But the thinking mind, when disconnected from the heart, is a terribly destructive force.  All dictators, all tyrants, all warmongers are humans who are in the grip of runaway thinking minds.

People in the grip of runaway minds are essentially insane.  Their thoughts run away with them, locking them into a nightmarish state of perpetual fear.  Such people are so frightened by their thoughts, that they will sometimes resort to violence to defend themselves.  All wars, all genocide begins in such a way.

Calm down.  Calm down.  Calm down.

Learn how to be quiet, and still.

It is only in stillness that the heart can be accessed.  It is wordless.  It exists only in the present moment. It is always available to you, and contains within it an ever-bubbling fountain of peace and well-being.

This grail will never be found in the external world.  It is not outside of you.  It does not exist in the future, or the past.

There, in that stillness, is freedom from the dualistic drama.  It is the center.  It is the still center.

The more you dwell within that center, the more full of peace and grace your life will be.

So please learn to be still, and listen to your heart.

Learn how to still the runaway train of the thinking mind — by meditating, breathing, doing yoga, energy work, massage, or any practice that calms the mind, and gets you back into your body.

Follow the heart.  Follow the heart.