Today we ask you to contemplate something that most of you will not believe, yet is true nonetheless.

It is this:

It is impossible to make mistakes, in your reality.

No one has ever made a mistake.

Nothing that has ever happened has been a mistake.

By “mistake,” we mean “something that should not exist.”

It is of course possible to make computational errors, or incorrectly answer a question on a test.

But “errors” are not “mistakes.”

You have never made an “error” that is a “mistake” — by which we mean, you have never done something that should not have happened.

Nothing has ever happened, that should not have happened.

Nothing is happening now, that should not be happening.

Nothing will ever happen, that should not happen.

We do not expect you to believe this.

And yet if you did, you would be free from all suffering.

By “suffering,” we mean “unnecessary pain.”

Pain happens.  Trauma happens.

But “suffering” happens when people believe that pain or trauma should not have happened, or be happening, or will ever happen.

That is what suffering is.

Suffering is the belief that certain things should not have happened in the past, or be happening now, or happen in the future.

Suffering exists because people believe in the possibility of mistakes in reality.

If you did not believe in the possibility of mistakes in reality, you would not suffer.

You might experience pain.  But you would not suffer.

Suffering comes from a rejection of what is happening.  It is a rejection of reality itself.

There are no mistakes.

It is okay if you do not believe this.