Today we ask that you appreciate the good that you have done this week.

This is a more difficult practice, for most, than simply appreciating the good things in your life.

Most of you may feel some resistance come up when you reflect on all the good things you have done this week.

Many of you will hear a voice say: “Not good enough!”  Or “You should have done more!”

Push past this resistance.

Reflect on all the good things you did this week.

Reflect even on things that you might be tempted to label as “insignificant.”

And if you cannot find a single thing you did this week that you can call good, keep digging until you do.

Maybe you loved an animal.

Maybe you made a healthy choice for yourself.

Maybe you had a interaction with another person, in which there was a smile, or laugh, or a sense of good feeling.

Maybe you challenged yourself.

Maybe you were kind to yourself.

Maybe you learned something.

It doesn’t have to be any kind of “accomplishment.”  No one else needs to be involved with this.

It can be as simple as brushing your teeth.  Brushing your teeth is a good thing.

So just start somewhere, and please sit in appreciation of all the good things you have done this week.

Notice resistance, if it arises.  Don’t get lost in those thoughts.  Just notice them.

Isn’t it interesting, how hard it is to appreciate yourself?