Today we ask that you learn to trust your higher wisdom.

Most people live in a state of perpetual inner conflict — between the Voice of their True Self, and the Voice of their False Self.

The Voice of the True Self is usually identified with the heart, and the intuition.  It is a sense that is deeply felt within the physical body.

The Voice of the False Self also be called the Inner Critic.  It is identified with the head, and is totally cut off from and at odds with the physical body.

The True Self is sometimes called the soul, or the spirit, or the Higher Self.

The False Self is sometimes called the ego, or the Lower Self, or the Destructive Self.

The two voices are actually very easy to identify, although the False Self is always very tricky, and likes to pretend that it is the True Self.

The Voice of the True Self speaks from a place of love.  One feels very strong, integrated, and at peace when in alignment with the True Self.  It is associated with truth, courage, and heroism.  The heroes of fairy tales are often identified with the True Self.

In “Star Wars,” Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan, Yoda, and the Rebels are allied with the True Self.

The Voice of the False Self always speaks from a place of fear.  One feels weak and frightened when in its sway.  You do things not out of the love of doing them, but because you afraid not to.  There is no love here — only guilt, obligation, manipulation.  This Voice is controlling.  It feels stifling, repressive, and strangling.  It is judgmental, and intolerant.  It can be violent.

It is “The Dark Side.”

As in movies, the Dark Side will invariably advertise itself as the Voice of Reason.  It may be a cold, persuasive voice that insists on its rightness and sensibility.  Or it may be the rage-fueled voice of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance.  They are two sides of the same coin.

The Dark Side may give you a brief rush of power, but in the long term you always be drawn into deeper misery and suffering by following that path.

The True Self has a lightness to it, a vibrance, a sense of space and freedom.  It is playful, and joyful.  

The False Self is always a prison.  It may be a gilded prison.  It may look like a mansion — and still be a prison.

What is true in archetypal stories is true in life.

If you follow the Voice of the True Self, you may be in for a scary and challenging adventure.  Many obstacles will arise to test your faith.  But you will have friends to help you on the journey.  And you will find your courage, even when things look dark.

If you follow the Voice of the False Self, the path may initially seem more secure and comfortable.  But something will be gnawing away at your soul.  Your life will feel joyless, meaningless, and empty.  You may resort to increasingly self-destructive behavior just to feel temporarily more alive.  In the long term, you will meet with failure and frustration.  All your efforts to control life and the people around you will fail.

Whereas if you follow the path of the True Self, in the long term you will discover a deep, lasting, and unshakeable inner peace.  You will become Obi Wan, or Yoda, and remain calm, stable, and rooted in your integrity even in the presence of Darth Vader.

Which would you rather be?  

The choice is yours, at every moment.