Today we ask that you take good care of yourself.

Each of you has been given, in this life, a body.  The body houses your organs, your skeletal structure, your muscles, glands, blood, lymph, immune system, nervous system — all these intricate and magnificent parts that comprise the physical house of your immortal spirit.

Take good care of what you have been given.

Love your body.  Love it, as you would love a little child, or a beloved animal.  Your body truly is your best friend in this world.  You are never alone; your body is always with you.

So take good care of it.  Be kind to it.

It is a very sad thing, to act like the body is separate from you, that it is in any way dirty or shameful, or that it is your adversary.  To hate it for the way it looks, or is shaped.  To be angry at it because it does not function the way you want it to.

Your body’s function is at this moment mostly perfect, or you would not be alive within it.  For you to be alive, countless things must go on inside you all at once, with perfect timing.  The complexity of your physical body is vast — truly, it is as vast as any galaxy.  This is not an exaggeration.  A human body and a galaxy are similar in many ways — there is, in fact, a basic structural similarity.

So for a moment stand in awe of this magnificent thing, this physical home for your spirit.  Appreciate it for all it does for you.  Focus on what works, not on what frustrates you.  If you are alive, it is working very well.

Scientists are a long way away from manufacturing anything with the level of complexity of your body.  In fact, they have discovered that utilizing existing biological machinery gives them a great advantage in the creative process, so advanced and perfect is the biological machinery within existing life forms.

Bodies are precious.  Truly, you cannot know how precious they are.  So take very good care of what you have been given.

Imagine if you were given, for free, an extremely expensive, top of the line luxury car.

You’d want to take good care of it, wouldn’t you?

Your body is worth billions of times what the fanciest luxury car is worth, and it has been given to you for free.

Take good care of it, and it will take good care of you.