Today we ask that you question the belief systems of others.

When you watch the news, or read articles, or even take in the opinions of your opinionated friends, there is often a tendency to believe what you hear.  This is particularly true if the voice is authoritative — if it is an “expert,” or someone rich and famous, or someone in your life whose approval you seek.  

However, please know that when people talk about “the way things are,” most of the time they are completely wrong.

For the most part, you are never being presented with absolute facts.  You are being presented with stories.  With fiction.  Someone is telling you a story about reality, as they perceive it from their point of view.  Of course, someone with a different point of view will perceive reality completely differently.

So a color-blind person might look at the color red and say with absolute conviction: “That is gray!”  The only reason you do not believe him is because you live in a world where most people see color and believe red is red.  If you lived in a world of color-blind people, you would also call “red” “gray,” and you might even believe there was something wrong with your eyes for perceiving the color red.

Almost all the “facts” you hear are just beliefs and opinions.  They are completely subjective.  There is no way to prove the truth of any opinion.

So please do not be so credulous when someone says to you: “This is how it is!”  Everyone has opinions.  They will tell you what to do with your money, with your health, with your career, how to parent your children, what to watch and read, who to vote for, what to be afraid of.  

Do not just believe these stories without question.  You must go within and discover how other people’s beliefs resonate for you as an individual.  When you hear someone telling you something, does it make you feel peaceful and calm, or tense and agitated?

On the whole, it is good to trust voices that come from a place of peace and calm.  Voices that help you feel peaceful and calm.  These are the voices to listen to.  Voices that come from a place of love.

But when the voices speak of fear, and create agitation and discord — this is a sign that you are listening to a voice that must be seriously questioned.  When the voice makes you feel agitated and nervous, take anything it says with many grains of salt.

Sometimes people’s opinions are terribly virulent and destructive.  Wars are fought over opinions.  Millions have been slaughtered over opinions.  

That is why it is essential for you to learn to question the opinions and beliefs of others.  That is how humanity can begin to wake up out of delusional thinking, into clarity.