Today we ask that you look at the people in your life.

What kind of energy do you surround yourself with?

Do you have people in your life with whom you feel you can truly be yourself?  Open, unguarded, relaxed?  People with whom you are at ease?

If so, cherish such people.  You are very fortunate.

Do you have people in your life who are very lit up?  Vibrant people, creative people, inquisitive people, tolerant people, reflective people, courageous people, loving people.  People who are not particularly penned-in or suppressed by societal expectations, but rather express themselves freely.

If so, you are very fortunate.  Cherish these people in your life.  Nurture these relationships, as you would beautiful plants in a garden.  Honor and appreciate such people.  They are gifts to you, and the world.

You may be surrounded with people whose light is much dimmer.  Fear-based people.  People who are very preoccupied with normalcy and fitting in.  Close-minded people.  Judgmental people.  Angry people.  Negative people.  People who cannot accept you as you are.  People you cannot be yourself around.

Sometimes it is unavoidable: there is no getting around such people.  It is okay if you have many of them in your life. Perhaps it is your place to shine a light for such people.

However, as a rule it is much easier to thrive when you spend time with individuals whose spirits are light.  And if your energy is low and fragile, negative people can be very toxic.

If your psychic immune system is weak or vulnerable, it is a very wise practice to spend time around vibrant, lit-up people.  You do not need to do this directly.  You can read their books, or interact with them in indirect ways.  You do not need to know them personally.

If your psychic immune system is weak, it is also wise to closely monitor your interactions with negative people.  Try to limit your direct exposure.  Also, avoid negative consciousness on TV or the internet.  

This does not mean, shun negative people, or cut them out of your life.  It just means be conscious of your energetic strengths and vulnerabilities around such people.

Cultivate meaningful and healthy relationships in your life.  Cultivate any true friend, who loves you for who you are.  One true friend is better than ten thousand false ones.

Honor the vibrant people in your life.