Today we ask you to know that most of your fears are made-up.

People walk around afraid of things.  They are afraid of their boss.  They are afraid of the government.  They are afraid of terrorists.  They are afraid of crazy murderers.  They are afraid of cancer.  They are afraid of getting old.  They are afraid of big corporations.  They are afraid of environmental destruction.  They are afraid!

But in reality, nothing is actually happening right now.  Your boss is not doing anything to you right now.  The government is not doing anything to you right now.  The terrorists are not doing anything to you right now.  No one is killing you right now.  Big corporations are not doing anything to you right now.  Probably you do not have cancer right now, as far as you know.

That is not to say that frightening things never happen.  Sometimes they do.  Sometimes people do get cancer, and sometimes crazy killers kill people.

But the amount of energy people use imagining all these horrible things happening to them — when they are not happening! — could fuel your whole civilization.  With all that wasted imagination, you could be traveling to the stars by now.  

Instead, humans sit around imagining terrible things happening to them when in fact there is no problem right now.  You are just sitting in a chair thinking, or looking at images on a screen.  That is all that is actually happening.

But all this fearful imagining is really not good for you.  Nonetheless, you are addicted to it.  This is so.  Most people are addicted to fearful thinking, the way people are addicted to sugary food.  It is not good for you, but you can’t help it.  At least you feel like you can’t help it.

Of course, fearful thinking is really unnecessary, and useless for the most part.  If you are a sitting in a chair and nothing bad is happening to you, why use your imagination to conjure up killers and diseases and evil conspiracies?

Then again, many of you are quite fond of watching films and TV shows about killers and diseases and evil conspiracies.  So you can see how addictive fear really is.

Please know that your fears are, for the most part, no more real than what you see on television.  It is made up.  Again, this is not to deny the reality of frightening events.  But this is meant to deny the reality of frightening events that are not actually happening to you right now.

It is fine to be aware of world events, but there is truly no need to sit and stew in all the gory details.  You do this because you are addicted to fear, like you are addicted to frightening events on TV.  

When bad things happen, please send loving thoughts to those who are affected, or other forms of aid, like charitable donations.  If you are moved to physically help in the wake of a disaster, do so.  But please do not sit and stew in the gory details.  This helps no one, and turns people’s suffering into a TV show.

Nothing bad is happening to you right at this moment.  The sun rises, the sun sets.  Please enjoy your lives, and do not waste your energy creating nightmares.