Today we ask that you understand that it is very difficult to manifest good structures unless you have a stable foundation.

Much has been made in recent years of the power of “manifestation.”  Many people have been taught that reality is fluid, and that the mind has the power to shape and mold this fluid reality.

This is partially true.  Reality is indeed fluid, and the consciousness does interact with it.

However, it is the whole consciousness that interacts — and what you are aware of in terms of your thinking mind is really just the tip of the vast iceberg of your total consciousness.  So there is a lot going on that you do not know about.  Therefore, it is quite impossible to control your reality in a simplistic way  — particularly in terms of manifesting the desires of the ego, or lower self.

What you do have some measure of control over is the stability of your consciousness.  Practices like meditation and yoga are very stabilizing for the consciousness.  Being aware of taking things in that are unsettling for the consciousness (for example, exposing yourself to a lot of fear-based energy/information), and choosing not to take such things in, helps to stabilize the consciousness.

The more stable your consciousness, the more stable your experience of reality.  Then, in a way, it does not matter so much what you are specifically “manifesting.”  Reality is extremely fluid.  But when you stabilize your mind, you become more solid.  So reality has far less of an effect on you.  Reality will do what it does, in its topsy turvy circus way.  Reality is like Oz and Wonderland rolled in one; it is a fantasyland.  The more solid and stable you become, the more obvious this is — and the less seriously you will take reality.

Therefore the best use of your time and energy is to stabilize your consciousness through calming, meditative practices.  This creates a solid foundation on which to build your own little slice of reality.  

Reality will do what it does.  It is a spinning whirlwind, a continuous interplay of dualistic opposites, churning and whirling.  But if you are solid and stable, the dualistic interplay will not affect you so much.  You will see beyond it.

Please cultivate a stable mind.