Today we ask that you recognize that your desire to live a meaningful existence is completely good.  

It is important, very important, that what you do feels meaningful, purposeful, and useful.

Spending large amounts of time engaged in activity that you find meaningless is deeply corrosive to your well-being.

That said, even the simplest tasks can hold meaning.  One can lead an extremely meaningful life even in very humble work, so long as you perform your work in a loving way.  So even the doorman holding the door open for passersby in an apartment building can radiate love to all those he meets, and do great good in the world.  The checkout clerk in the supermarket, the maid, the gardener — all this work can actually be quite meaningful, if done in a spirit of love.

There are, however, certain professions that are quite toxic to the soul.  These are professions that actively encourage the abuse and exploitation of human beings in exchange for money.  Environments that encourage careless, unloving, shoddy work — this creates a sense of meaninglessness and emptiness that eats away at the soul.  Environments that encourage the abuse of subordinates, or work habits that run people into exhaustion and illness — these are toxic to the soul.

So, in this sense: far better to be the cheerful doorman than the corporate businessman engaged in exploitative practices.  All the money in the world cannot help you sleep at night, nor buy back a damaged conscience.

Honor and cherish that part of you that desires to be engaged in meaningful, purposeful work.  That is your soul, speaking to you.  Please listen to it.

It may be very possible to reclaim meaning in the work you currently do, by connecting with a spirit of love, care and craftsmanship.  But if that is truly impossible, then please find something more meaningful to do with your energy.