Today we ask you to know that you are a completely unique individual.  

Every living being is totally unique.  Even twins, raised by the same parents, sharing the same genetic pattern, are totally unique individuals.

Because of this, what works for one person very rarely works for another person.

That is why it is necessary to take all advice you are given with a grain of salt, even when that advice comes from very well-meaning individuals.

Everyone must find their own way in this world.  Yes, it can be good to look to friends and teachers for help and counsel.  But ultimately, you must process such advice through your own consciousness.  You cannot simply take in everything you are told, but rather you must see what actually works and resonates for you as an individual.

This why many people on the spiritual path become so disillusioned and angry at their teachers and “gurus.”  They have taken someone else’s advice at face value, and are attempting to live according to precepts that may not actually work for that person as an individual.  Eventually, the spiritual follower gets angry because the teacher’s way isn’t working.

In truth, no other person’s way of being will ever work for you 100%.  Every person must find their own way in this world.  Teachers can show you signposts, and point you in a certain direction.  But it is you who must walk the path.

If you’re walking down a particular path laid down by a teacher, and you happen to reach a detour that calls out to you — by all means, go down that road!  Even if it leads away from your teacher.  You must go where you are led.  

One man’s nice, comfy coat can be another man’s straightjacket.  It is really crazy to have any kind of “one size fits all” approach to life.  And that applies to everything: relationships, careers, parenting, spiritual development, physical and mental health.  Everything.  One size does not fit all.

Part of growing up in this world means recognizing that any parent, teacher, or authority figure can only lead you so far.  You must find your own way.