Today we ask you to take responsibility for your creations.

Everything you put out into the world is a creation.  Every email you write, every Facebook or Twitter update you post — these are creations.  When you call someone, when you interact with someone — this is a creation.

By creation, we mean you are making something.  You are building something.  It may be a very little thing, but it is still something.

Everything you create has a charge.  It will either be positive or negative.  It will create good feeling, or bad feeling.

Every email, every Facebook update, creates good feeling, or bad feeling, in those who read it.

Every person you interact with will be left feeling better or worse as a result of the interaction.

(By this we do not refer to people who feel negatively “reactive” to a positive message.  We are speaking of the basic intention of the creator.  You are not responsible for the reactions of individuals who, like Scrooge, reflexively shout “Bah humbug!” at a loving message — though your own reaction to such a negatively-oriented individual is in of itself an act of creation.)

So — you are constantly creating.  Every time you engage with other humans, you are creating.

Then there are much larger acts of creation.  The creation of works of art.  The creation of new technologies.  The creation of new ways of thinking and doing things.

And, of course, there is the creation of parenting a child.

You are constantly creating.  The question is: what are you creating?  How do your creations affect other people? How do they affect you?

Do your creations make you feel better, or worse?  Do they make other people feel better, or worse?  Do they increase well-being?  Or do they increase fear?

Even if you mean well, try to pay attention when your words and actions increase other people’s fears, or your own.

Take responsibility for your creations.  See how powerful you truly are.