Today we ask to you to take notice of practices that you know would be good for you, but that you have resistance to.

Most people reading these word are healthy-minded enough to have a sense of what is good for them.

Maybe it is eating in a more healthy, balanced way, or cutting down on consumption of sugar, caffeine, or alcohol.

Maybe it is getting more regular exercise, or spending more time outdoors.

Maybe it is making sure that you give your body and mind adequate time to rest and unwind each week.

Maybe it is cutting down on time spent on the internet or Facebook, or on time spent watching television.

Maybe it is about getting more conscious about your thought patterns.  To indulge less in anxious or negative thinking.  To be less angry or judgmental toward other people.  To gossip less.

Maybe it is establishing a regular meditation practice.

Chances are you have a pretty good sense of what could improve the quality of your existence and make you feel better in your mind and body.

Really the most important activity to undertake in any given day is maintaining and increasing your mental and physical health and sanity.

Everything else follows from this.

Low energetic states block you in countless ways.  Every human wishes to feel a fundamental sense of well-being.  For most people — certainly people who possess the basic comforts, i.e. food on table and roof over head — it is low vibrational energy that blocks this, not any external lack.

Whatever external thing it is you think will make you happy — whatever it is you feel you lack — these things will not and cannot make you happy so long as your body and mind are in low vibrational states.

But establishing healthy practices — this can and will create well-being in your life.

So look at these practices you know will make your life healthier, and ask yourself: what is stopping me from doing these things?

You may say, I don’t have time, I don’t have money.  But is that really true?  Be honest, now.  Most healthy practices do not really take much time or money.  It costs nothing to meditate, for example, and that ten or fifteen minutes you spend meditating each day you can easily pull from something like time spent browsing the internet.

Ultimately, it is your choice: you can take action to strengthen your body and mind, or you can fall into inertia and let entropy take over.  You can fall into low vibrational states, if you wish.  But more money will not cure you when you are in a low vibrational state.

You can increase your well-being, right now, and absolutely nothing needs to change externally for this to happen.  Isn’t that wonderful, how much power you have?