Today we ask you to learn to focus your energy.

Scattered energy — or “ADD” — is a serious issue among modern people.  Your attention is continually being pulled in many different directions.  You are neither here nor there, but rather half-here and half-there, with your attention torn between what is happening in the emails and texts, what is happening in your mind, and (usually last) what is actually right in front of you.

The thing is, when you are half-here and half-there, you are not really anywhere.

Imagine an ant who can’t figure out where to go.  The ant goes one way, the ant goes another way, the ant stops.  The ant does not really get anywhere.

Of course, in life, ants do get places.  They have a direction.  They may seem at times to run here and there, but they have a purpose.  They are looking for food.  They are scouting.  But they always know where the hive is.  And soon enough they form a trail.  Ants in a trail are the very picture of directed purpose.

The “ADD” mind is a bit like the ant scouting for food who never finds what it is looking for.  It just keeps running back and forth.  It cannot create a directed trail, cannot move the hive toward a singular purpose.  It does not know its way back home.

Focus your energy.  Focus.  Focus.  

The only thing that matters and is real is what is right in front of you.  Not the emails and texts — unless your singular purpose is to spend your life reading and answering emails and texts.

Focus.  If you have a task before you, turn off the email and texts.  Sit with what you are doing.  Be with what you are doing.

There is something fuzzy, shapeless, and unreal about the mind that cannot focus; that is neither here nor there.

When you focus, you become real.  Solid.  Present.  And then you can truly move energy.  Then all the little thought-ants line up in a trail and move in a directed way.  Things get done quickly.

Meditation is a very good way to focus energy.  You breathe, and center, and calm the scattered mind.  Even five minutes of meditation can create invaluable focus.

Focus.  Focus.  Turn off email, texts, and Facebook, and focus on what is right in front of you.  Why take five hours to do what can be accomplished in one?  Center.  Relax.  Focus.

Do one thing at a time.  In reality, you can only actually do one thing at a time.  But two minutes of work followed by five minutes of social networking followed by two minutes of work — how can you ever get into any kind of flow?

Whatever you are doing, do.  Be present with it.  Focus.  Do not think about what you are doing an hour from now, tomorrow, a year from now.  That future does not exist in reality.  Anything can happen between now and tomorrow.  Reality is what is right in front of you, now.

If you can do that one thing that is right in front of you, with complete focus, everything else has a way of falling into place.