Today we ask you to understand that you are not in control.

Many of you may pay lip service to this idea.  But it is the very rare human who actually lives this consciously.

Much of human action revolves around asserting and attempting to maintain control.  Everyone wants to be in control.  This is the greatest aspiration of the human ego — to grasp, and permanently maintain control.

Being in control means you are secure.

Being in control means you can neutralize all threats.

Being in control means that life goes the way you want it to.

Being in control means that you know are a good, virtuous person (and everyone else thinks so, too).

Being in control means that you are an ideal parent, whose children’s lives unfold just the way you want them to.

Being in control means you can meticulously plan your future.

Being in control means that all your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed.  You have plenty of investments and you are insured against the unexpected.

Being in control means that everyone respects you.

Being in control means that your body is a well-oiled machine that does exactly what you want it to.

Being in control means that you live to old age, watch your children and grandchildren prosper and have happy, idyllic, successful lives, at which point you die painlessly in your sleep.

Do you know anyone who is in control?  Really, truly, in control?

We don’t.

That’s because there is no such human in existence on your planet.

Control is an illusion.  It’s an illusion.  It’s impossible.

It is impossible for you to control reality in this way.  Ask any human who has ever lived if this is possible.

And yet admit it: there is a part of you that believes, despite all the evidence against it, that it is somehow possible to live this way.  That you can be safe and secure and live to a ripe old age in a healthy body and watch your children and grandchildren be happy and prosper and never deal with the unexpected.  Or at least you’ll be prepared for the unexpected, and properly insured against it (which means it isn’t really all that unexpected).

This is impossible.  It is impossible.  Ask anyone, if you don’t believe us.

And yet so long as you believe in the ego’s fairy tale, you will be miserable.  Because part of you thinks it can be in control, that control is possible — and therefore life, to you, will feel like an endless series of slaps to the face and punches to the gut.

But life doesn’t have to feel that way.

The more you release your controlling grip, the less suffering you will experience.

This is really true.  Almost all suffering arises from humans attempting to control what cannot be controlled.

Would you like to suffer less?

Release control.  Relax.  Relax.

This does not mean, go passive and be a doormat.

It just means, release your grip.  Release your grip.  Life is a river, and it is pulling you along.  If you cling in terror to a rock, of course you will experience a great deal of pain.

You are not in control.  You never were, you are not now, and you never will be.

You don’t have to believe this.  It isn’t required.

But if you’re interested in suffering less, it’s just something to consider.