Today we ask you to “raise your vibration.”

What does this mean?

All life forms continuously emit energy.  Humans, like other life forms, emit a very powerful electrical field.  This field resonates at a particular frequency.  The sound is not audible to the human ear, but there is a sound associated with the human electrical field.

“Raising the vibration” is not as simple as raising the pitch of the frequency from low to high, but is more about focusing the frequency so that the field pattern has greater coherence.

Coherence is associated with symmetry, beauty, stability, integrity, and love.

So, “raising your vibration” could also be called “increasing your coherence.”

Why is it important to raise your vibration, or increase your coherence?

Because coherent patterns are very strong.  They resonate.  They are resistant to illness, toxicity, depression, anxiety, and violent ideation.  Basically, coherent patterns are resistant to what humans experience as sickness and suffering, both physical and mental.

Therefore, raising your vibration/increasing your coherence can and will help you deal with all unpleasant situations.

We cannot overstate this.

There is no problem you face that cannot be helped by raising your vibration/increasing coherence.

So what raises your vibration and increases your coherence?

Meditation.  All forms of meditation are immensely useful in terms of countering physical and mental suffering.  Meditation always increases coherence.  It strengthens your field.

Meditation is not mysterious.  It is as simple as setting a timer for ten or fifteen or twenty minutes, sitting with the spine upright, and counting the breath.  Thoughts inevitably arise.  You observe them, and return to the breath.  Even if you only calm your mind for five seconds out of the whole ten minutes, you will have increased your coherence.

Physical exercise increases coherence, particularly when it takes place outdoors.

Yoga increases coherence.

Energy work and massage increase coherence.

Listening to many forms of music increases coherence.  Listening to beautiful, soul-stirring music is one of the best “quick fixes” available if you are experiencing mental or physical suffering.

Art increases coherence.

All forms of visual art and sculpture increase coherence.  

Poetry increases coherence.

Literature increases coherence.

Many films and television shows increase coherence.  Of course, some can decrease coherence.  You will know if they raise your vibration because they will make you feel better after viewing them — calmer, more centered.

All classic storytelling increases coherence.  Shakespeare increases coherence.

Being around animals increases coherence.

Being around young children increases coherence — so long as one moves into the playful child space, and does not impose judgments, anxieties, and neuroses upon the child.

Bathing increases coherence — especially in moving water, like the ocean, or a natural spring.

Being around a group of people engaged in joyful activity — like singing, dancing, or playing music — increases coherence.

So: if you find yourself in a space of physical or mental suffering, your first action is to raise your vibration/increase coherence.

It is good to have a “bag of tricks” at your disposal.  Like an emergency preparedness kit.  

When you feel yourself dropping into a low vibrational/incoherent state, know what to do.  Like an earthquake drill.

Practice daily meditation, so this can be a go-to part of your emergency kit.  Even five minutes a day is beneficial.

Know what music makes you feel better.

Cultivate physical exercise routines, as well as places to go outdoors that always give you a lift.

Really, in life, there is nothing more important than staying sane and healthy.  Everything else — relationships, work, family life, prosperity, and so on — follow from this.  Focusing on work while running yourself into a state of physical and mental suffering is always a losing proposition in the long term.

Know how to raise your vibration, at will.  It is one of the most intelligent, useful things you can do.