Today we ask that you choose not to listen to the Voice of Fear.

While there are countless Voices of Fear that will present themselves to you externally, there is only one Voice of Fear that counts — and that is the Voice of Fear inside your mind.

The Voice of Fear has always been with you.  It follows you around like your very own shadow, whispering in your ear.  It always has the same message.  It tells you that whatever you try to do, you will fail.  It says you have failed, you are failing now, and you will fail in the future.  It tells you it is all hopeless.  It appears when you look in the mirror.  It says “Look at that ugly, unlovable person.”

The amazing thing about the Voice of Fear is that it is always wrong, and yet you still listen to it.

Look back on your life.  Look at the things that have worked out for you.  The Voice of Fear was wrong about those things, wasn’t it?

If you really take stock, really do a proper inventory, you will begin to see that the Voice of Fear was always wrong.  And not just a few times.  Always.

If the Voice of Fear had been right, would you be sitting here where you are right now at this moment, reading these words?  Think about it.

And yet later today, tomorrow, the next day, the Voice of Fear will start its campaign again, and once again you will listen to it.

But you don’t have to listen to it.

If you are reading these words, know that you do not have to listen to the Voice of Fear.

Question the Voice.  Question it.  How does it know?  Where is its proof?  You will find that the Voice of Fear never has real proof.  It is full of opinions.  It is full of hot air.

The Voice of Fear is not your friend, even if it claims to be.  Even if it says: “I’m only trying to help!” — it is not.  Do not listen to it.

But do not fear it, either.  Rather, treat it like a crotchety old man or woman living inside your brain — full of opinions, full of doom and gloom.  Just nod your head as it tells you how horrible everything is.

Then go about your business.  Why would you listen to a crazy old person in your brain?  Just nod your head at it, remember that it’s full of hot air and nonsense — and go about your business.