Today we ask that you understand that energy is more important than words, or appearances.

When people are upset about something, often they believe that the best thing to do is express their sense of outrage.  They must seek justice.  They must correct the person who has offended them.  At the very least, they believe that they need to “talk things over.”

In reality, all of these methods are ineffective, and most of them will just inflame a bad situation and make it worse.

Do you want to see real improvement?

Then let go of your need to be right, or prove a point, and listen to how things are done in reality.

In reality, if you wish to improve a situation, you must change the energy around it.

Some refer to this as “raising the vibration” around things, and it is an accurate description.

In any situation that is upsetting you, the single best thing you can do is create space and calm in your own consciousness.  You connect with the frequency or feeling around your heart center.

If you raise your own vibration around whatever it is that upsets you, your experience will change.

For example: if you are out in the world, and you encounter a person or situation that causes you upset, do not give in to the feelings of anger.  Do not attack the person, or situation.

Instead, go inside, and restore calm.  Connect with your heart center.  Relax.

At minimum, your experience of the situation will improve.

But something else may happen.  If you really shift your energy, you can also shift the energy of other people.  You can shift the energy around a situation.

All without opening your mouth.  All without making your point.  All without complaining.

Do you understand?

If you really understood the power you possess to change reality by shifting your own energy, you would never complain again.