Today we ask that you become a little more conscious about why you do what you do.

The truth is, most people do things without knowing why.  And when people do things without knowing why, it is easy to manipulate them.  It becomes easy to implant the idea in someone’s head that they need to do something, or believe something, or buy something because they are not in the habit of questioning why they do or believe or buy things.

The most important tool in terms of becoming conscious is to question.  Question your reality.  Ask, why do I do what I do?  And when someone says you need to do something, or believe something, or buy something — ask why.  “Do I really need this thing I am being sold?”  “Is the person on the television or internet telling me the absolute truth, or is it just a subjective opinion?”  

Even people who consider themselves very discerning, very aware about things, can be easily fooled if someone just presses the correct button.

The sad truth is, many people simply do not wish to take the time to question things.  It seems like too much effort, and there is a tremendous inertia that keeps people rooted in their narrow world views, doing and believing and buying things without really understanding why.

Before you get frustrated with other people for being this way, look to yourself.  Begin to notice the ways in which you stay unconscious, and do not question your beliefs, or your reality.