Today we ask that you step out of dualistic thinking.

Dualistic thinking is the primary mode of thought in your world.  It divides everything into opposing sides.

Left or Right.  High or Low.  Good or Evil.  Pure or Dirty.  Sacred or Profane.  Light or Dark.  Male or Female.  Young or Old.  Art or Commerce.  Individuality or Collectivism.  Everything is divided into opposing forces.  

Out of the dualistic division comes the great roiling drama of your world.  For the two opposing sides automatically create conflict.  They struggle, they contend.  They are like two people arm wrestling, ever going back and forth, muscles straining, veins popping.  

That is how many people live life — perpetually arm wrestling in a dualistic reality. Life is divided into allies and enemies, threats and non-threats.  And people are endlessly at war, playing their little war games.

How exhausting.  How can humans evolve when all their energy is squandered in arm wrestling?

The answer is to stop playing the game.

Get up from the wrestling table.  Stop fighting.

This does not mean “Let the other side/bad people win.”

It just means stop fighting.  Stop contending.  Stop struggling.

Back off.  Calm down.  Relax.  

Look to the root of things.  There is really no difference between left or right, male or female.  There is a center, a root, that transcends dualism.

When you connect with the center, when you ground in the root — you see beyond dualism.  And in that moment, all the struggle ends.  

You get up from the arm wrestling table, and shake out that exhausted arm.  Then you can use it to cook a meal or paint a picture or sculpt a pot.  Think of how much you can do now that you’ve got that arm back.  Think of how much you can do with all that extra energy.

If humans stopped arm wrestling, very quickly they would find that there’s really nothing to wrestle about.