Today we ask that you release your need to judge, and condemn.

Please know this: if you could release the habit of judgment, you would be happy, at peace, and productive in your lives.

Most people believe that the world would fall apart without judgment and condemnation.  They believe that people must be held accountable, and that society would collapse without harsh laws and judgments.

This is the greatest lie in your world.  It is the root of all evil.  Not money.  Judgment.  Condemnation.

Judgment is a neverending crucifixion.

It can end at any moment.

Love is the resurrection.  Unconditional love is the resurrection.  It will heal everything.  Everything in your world can be healed by unconditional love.

Please understand that human beings have no more capacity to make judgments about their reality than chimpanzees do.

Your perception of reality is limited.  Extremely limited.

In terms of accurate perception of reality, there is very little difference between you, and a chimpanzee.

We do not say this to denigrate you.  Obviously you are far more intelligent than chimpanzees.

But you are not nearly as smart as you think you are.  For there are vast intelligences in your universe, and beyond your universe.

From the perspective of these intelligences, your perception of reality is not much more advanced than that of a pet dog.

Dogs are quite smart, and know a good deal about their worlds.  But you know a good deal more than dogs do.

You would not necessarily trust the judgment of a dog in important matters, would you?

You cannot trust your own judgment.  You do not have the capacity to correctly assess things in your reality.

The wisest of human beings understands this, and therefore does not judge.

When you stop judging, you evolve.  It is that simple.

Judgment creates wars, holocausts, and crucifixions.

Love is the way out.  Love is the way out.  It is the only way.

Your world will not collapse when you let go of judgment.  On the contrary.  You will become an actualized human being, capable of true wisdom.

Any story that leads you to condemn another human being is not true.  Any story that leads you to condemn yourself is not true.

Your perception is limited.

Knowing this is the greatest wisdom.