Today we ask you to feel a sense of trust in whatever is happening right now.

What does this mean?

Many people live their lives in a state of deep wariness, and mistrust.  They are always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Always imagining potential disasters.  And most of all, they feel that life is treating them very unfairly.  They do not like the hand they’ve been dealt.  God is like a shady card dealer, always looking to deceive them and give them a bad hand.

It is not a pleasant way to live life.

Please know that God is not a treacherous card dealer, and that the Universe is not playing dice with your life.  It is not so.

Rather, the hand you have been dealt has been exquisitely crafted for you, and you alone.  There is no other life you should be having, no other life you could be having.  This life is the only one for you.  It is the only one.  You have not been cheated.  You have not been robbed.

It is often hard to trust the Universe in the midst of traumatic events.  Bad things appear to happen to good people.  What can you make of that?  How can you trust the Universe, when such terrible things occur?

We do not ask you to make light of tragic events.  We perceive the suffering of mankind, and do not ask you to make light of it.

But we tell you now, that you are not victims of a terrible world or a cruel fate.

This may only make sense when you eventually come to understand that no one dies.  You may not understand this until after you end this physical life.

But we tell you now, even if you cannot believe us — at the moment you pass from your physical body, you will perceive that you have been loved, absolutely loved, at every single moment of your existence.  You are never alone.  You are never abandoned.  And life is not cruel.

You will know this after you pass.  It is possible to know this right now.  When you live life with this understanding, you come to feel a deep sense of trust in reality.  God is, in fact, the most trustworthy of card dealers.

It is a very pleasant thing to live life with that sense of trust.  Even if you do not really believe it — just acting like you do can change your whole experience of life.