Today we ask you to understand why it is so very important to take care of your body.

Most people in theory understand that they ought to stay healthy — to eat well, to exercise, sleep, and so on.  And yet in practice they do not.  Often it requires a major health crisis in order for someone to be startled into affecting big changes in lifestyle.

This is in part because for many people there are conflicting priorities.  Yes, you’d like to stay healthy, but you must also work very hard in order to achieve your ambitions or make enough money.  So you drink lots of caffeine, and get little sleep.  You think it is only temporary, but it rarely is.  And over time, that kind of stressful lifestyle damages the body.

Please understand that a lifestyle of constant stress and overtaxing the body has a price.  It will catch up to you in time.  And it affects you right now.  It affects your mental state in insidious ways.

Mind and body are one.  When the body is stressed, the mind is stressed.  When the mind is stressed, the body is stressed.  Stress breeds stress.  So the direct result of overtaxing your physical body is anxiety and depression.

Please know that your body is the house for your mind.  Exhausting your body is like allowing your home to get very dirty and cluttered.  It is hard to feel happy in a dirty environment with garbage everywhere.  Exhausting the body, and using sugar and caffeine as stimulants to keep going, is like living in a filthy house.  Anyone will get depressed if they live in a filthy house.

Your body is very much like a dog.  In order for it to be happy, it needs to eat well, get regular exercise and fresh air, and be touched and caressed.  Your body needs everything that a dog needs.  If a dog is poorly fed, is not exercised, or isn’t petted, it will become depressed, and act out.  You are no different.

The physical touch element is very important.  If you are not in a relationship that provides physical touch, it is essential that you receive massages on a regular basis.

This is just basic, simple physical maintenance.  But without these simple measures, humans literally go crazy.  They become anxious, and depressed.  

Take care of your body.  You only get one, in this lifetime.