Today we ask you to meditate on the idea that wherever you are at this moment is the only place you can be.

Many people spend a lot of time wishing they were someplace else, doing something different.  They fantasize about the life they ought to be having right now instead of this one.

Everyone wants to win the lottery and live in paradise.

It is a silly way to be — like the child who wants to live in Candyland, where he never has to do homework again and feasts on candy all day long.

Really, you know, such an existence would become very tiresome.  It would not take long for it to become tiresome.

You see, it is in the nature of all things to create.  It is just a fundamental quality that all living things possess.  Life creates new life.

Higher life forms, such as yourselves, do not only create through procreation, but express themselves in myriad ways.  Art, science, mathematics, medicine, engineering, architecture — humans have a deep desire to create, to build, to invent.  This is the way of things.

So to pluck someone out of their lives, set them down in paradise, and say “You never have to do anything again” — really this would not be a good thing.  Eventually that person would grow weary and want to create something.  Such a person might even act self-destructively, because self-destructive behavior is a cry for help from someone who has forgotten how to create in a positive and healthy way.

Please know that it is good to be you, where you are right now.  From the place in which you currently stand, you have the ability to create.  The main thing you can start with is learning how to create a good experience in the present moment.

Even if you are doing taxes, it is possible to create a good experience out of that.  You can create a good experience sitting in traffic, you can create a good experience buying groceries.  

One of the easiest ways to learn how to create a good experience is by consciously creating a good experience for someone else.  So — you are going to be very warm and friendly to the clerk at the store; or you are very conscious and attentive with your coworkers.  Or with your accountant as he or she helps you with your taxes.  

When you consciously desire to create a good experience for someone else, automatically this mirrors back and helps to create a good experience for you.  That is the way of things.

If you can learn to create a good experience for yourself in the present moment, where you are right now, then you will be free of the childish fantasy to live in Candyland.  And then you can really start to create.