Today we ask that you listen to your body.

Many people do not really understand their bodies.  Bodies are either taken for granted, or become sources of great frustration when they break down.

The body is essentially a highly intelligent biological machine, whose complexity far exceeds anything within the realm of your current scientific knowledge.  Within this intelligent biological machine resides your consciousness — that which is really “you,” and which will continue to exist even when the biological machine you reside in ultimately wears down and ceases to function.

Your body allows you to participate in three dimensional existence.  It has many functions, some of which transcend what you would consider purely physical.  Not only does your body allow you to exist in the three-dimensional world, but it plays a key role in the creation of your experience of that world.

For most people, the body is like a highly advanced car that you ride around in, but have lost the owner’s manual and have no idea how to properly drive.

Your body is always trying to communicate with you.  It tells you what it likes and doesn’t like to eat (hint: indigestion means it didn’t like it).  It tells you when it needs rest (hint: you get tired).  And it tells you when you are carrying around a great deal of stress, through a myriad of physical symptoms.  You may find these symptoms unpleasant, but don’t blame your body.  It’s just trying to communicate with you as best it can.

The issue is, your body responds to subconscious cues as well as conscious ones.  This is where much confusion lies.  Your body does what the mind tells it to — but not just the conscious part.  Your body responds to a host of beliefs that are only semi-conscious; core beliefs that have become part of your mental operating system, and continually broadcast messages to your body.

You have no idea how strong these core beliefs are, in terms of how they affect your body.  They can impact your body even on a genetic level.

Of course, what is done can be undone.  Change your core beliefs, and you may experience radical physical changes.

For example: a core belief like “I am not safe in the world” can cause the physical body to shut down as a safety response.  Chronic fatigue is one possible result — if you are not safe in the world, best to stay inside all the time.

The mind really is that powerful.  We’re not kidding about this.

So: if there are chronic problems in the body, look to the mind.  Look to the core beliefs.

Then you can open the owner’s manual on this miraculous vehicle that you live in and really learn how to drive it.

Unearth your core beliefs.  Then question them.  Ask if they are true.

Listen to your body.  If it is speaking up, it is asking you to look at your mind.