Today we ask that you look at an area of your life that is very, very stressful for you.  Just thinking about it makes your body tense up.

Once you feel this tension, or clenching, around that area, here is something you can do.

Visualize this troubled area in your life as an object.  Maybe it looks like a person you are upset with.  Maybe it looks like you, or a part of your body.  Maybe it is your bank account.  Maybe it is more of an abstract shape in your mind — a sharp rock, for example.  Whatever comes to mind.

Imagine that this thing is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  You are clenching it very tightly.  Your hand is balled up into a tight fist around it.  The sensation in your palm is not pleasant — hot, and uncomfortable.  Your muscles and bones are very tight.

Now: you are standing over a hole in the ground.  It is a deep hole.  The earth inside is very black and moist.

Slowly unclench your fingers, and drop the object into a hole in the ground.

Feel your feelings as you do this.  Really let it go.

When the object has dropped into the hole, cover it up.  There is a mound of moist, cool earth to fill the hole with.  You can use your hands, feet, or a shovel to fill in the hole.  You are burying the object in the earth.

Feel the cool, solid ground beneath you.  Let the sensation of coolness rise up into the hand that had been clutching the object.  Feel your muscles and bones relaxing.  Your whole body cools off.

Holding on to things never does any good.  It resolves nothing, and causes tension in the body and mind.  If you really want to help this troubled part of your life — let it go.  Let it go into the earth.  That is how you can best resolve things.  It may be counterintuitive, but you will see.