Today we ask you to do something difficult.

We ask you to look at ways you are in conflict with who you really are.

We ask you to look at ways in which you are inauthentic to your true nature.

Inauthenticity arises when one feels fearful, or insecure, and so engages in false, deceptive behavior as a defense against perceived threats.

People lie.  Even if they do not lie to others, they may lie to themselves.

People engage in behaviors that are harmful to themselves, or other beings.

People put on false fronts.  They wear masks in order to hide who they really are from others.

People engage in inauthentic relationships with other people.  They may date, or even marry, people whom they do not truly love, usually to win status, or security.

Inauthentic behavior is like taking drugs to feel better.

It covers up symptoms, and soothes anxiety — but only temporarily.

As with drugs, the security craving/anxiety will always come back — and only gets stronger.  

As with drugs or alcohol, it is very, very hard to kick an inauthenticity habit.

Like many alcoholics, you may believe that a little inauthenticity on a daily basis can’t cause any real harm.

But it is just as with alcohol.  Over time, this addiction will cause great sickness and misery.

For the human soul cannot abide lies, masks, and inauthenticity.

Deception is as toxic to the soul as drugs and alcohol are to the body.

If only people knew this.