Today we would like to discuss integrity.

Integrity means wholeness.  It means being whole in what you choose to do, and whole in what you choose not to do.

When you are integrated in your actions, there is great power in what you do.  It is like watching an athlete, or a dancer.  When an athlete is in movement, he or she is wholly integrated.  There is no conflict.  No internal struggle.  There may be external obstacles — opposing players, limits of physical endurance, and so on.  But there is no internal conflict.  If there were internal conflict, the athlete would not be a very good athlete.  His movements would be tentative, and half-hearted.  That is not how you run a race, or play a game.

Life itself is not dissimilar from an athletic pursuit.  To the extent that you are integrated and wholehearted in your actions, you may face external obstacles, but you will not be hampered and held back by internal conflict. You will need to practice at what you love.  You will try, and fail, and learn.  But eventually you will get there.  If the goal you seek is pure-hearted — as pure-hearted as a dancer’s grace, or an athlete’s desire to test the limits of his body — then you will get there, one way or another.

However, if you are bogged down with internal conflict — if you lack integrity — then it will be very slow going indeed.  You may even be paralyzed.

Integrity is a feeling.  It is a feeling of being pure-hearted, wholehearted, and strong in your actions.  You know what you are doing, and why.

It is an elegant way to live life.