Today we ask that you look back on your life, and reflect on an incident that seemed very uncomfortable or unpleasant for you as it was happening, but that you can now see was “for the best.”

You have all had these experiences.  Times in your life when your desires were blocked, or frustrated.  You did not get something you dearly wanted.  You suffered.  You felt that life was treating you unfairly.  

There was that boy or girl you really liked, who did not return the feeling.  There was that job you really wanted, that you did not get.

Can you look back now, from an older, wiser perspective, and see that these “failures” were in fact a good thing?  How, if you’d gotten what you wanted, you would not be the person you are today.  Perhaps you can even see that the fulfillment of those failed desires would not have been healthy for you.

Failures are not a mistake.  Please know this.  They can feel painful, to be sure.  But if you are capable of perspective in looking back at your earlier failures, perhaps you can imagine that your current frustrations are not so bad after all.  

Maybe you do not get what you want because something far better awaits you.