Today we ask that you practice clarity.

Many of you undertake activities without having a clear understanding of why you are doing them.  You believe you do things because you “have to.”

This is simply not true.  You don’t “have to” do anything.  You do things because they have a purpose.  You eat, because eating has a purpose.  You may select certain kinds of foods to eat; that has a purpose.  You brush your teeth, because that has a purpose.  You could choose not to do these things, and indeed, people sometimes do.  When people fast from eating, for example, that has a purpose.

So really, you do not “have to” do things.  There is a purpose behind every single action you undertake.  It is a very healthy thing to consciously look at your actions and be clear to yourself about why you are doing them.  This is what we mean by practicing clarity.

Sometimes, if you do this work in earnest, you may uncover motives behind your actions that are quite surprising to you.  It is always very good to know why you do things.