Today we ask that you focus your attention completely on your breath for a very short period of time.

Many of you are familiar with meditation, and working with the breath.  Still, most of you may encounter difficulty keeping the mind free of thought even for a very short period of time.

So we ask you to try a very brief, simple exercise in which you close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and take ten breaths.  Counting each breath.

Inhale, exhale — one.

Inhale, exhale — two.

Inhale, exhale — three.

Inhale, exhale — four.

Inhale, exhale — five.

Inhale, exhale — six.

Inhale, exhale — seven.

Inhale, exhale — eight.

Inhale, exhale — nine.

Inhale, exhale — ten.

Can you be completely and totally focused on your breath, to the exclusion of all else, for ten breaths?  Try it and see.

Know that this simple practice can be of immeasurable benefit in your daily lives, particularly when you feel overwhelmed.