Today we ask you to lay down your sword.

Many of you walk through the world with your defenses up, wary, always looking out for threats, predators, enemies, pitfalls, and traps.  You walk with your armor on, your sword in hand.  You believe that this is the only intelligent way to walk in this world.  You have been hurt too many times in the past to risk any further injury.  So you keep you sword well-honed, and sleep with it by your side.

No wonder you do not get very good sleep.

As the weekend draws close, we ask you to lay down your sword, and remove your armor.  Some of you may not remember what this feels like.  But there have been times in your life when you let yourself lie down and be unguarded.  Deep down all of you remember this state.

Imagine a world-weary knight, wearing heavy armor, wielding a heavy broadsword, putting his weapons down.  

His sword.  His shield.  His helmet.  His breastplate.  The guards upon his arms and legs.  The chain mail.  Imagine how good it feels to be free of this heavy burden, to fill one’s lungs with fresh air, unhampered by the weight upon one’s chest.  

This is what happens when we put down our swords, and remove our armor.  It just feels better.  Do you understand?