Today we ask that you take a few moments to relax one part of your body.

What does this mean?

Most of you carry an enormous amount of tension in your physical bodies.  It is so overwhelming and chronic that you often don’t know this is happening until there is some sort of physical breakdown or illness.

So today we would ask you to focus your attention on one part of your body.  Whatever comes to mind as something in need of your attention.

If nothing comes to mind, select your feet, or your hands.  It is best to keep things in balance symmetrically when doing this work.

Once you have made your selection, spend a few minutes of time focusing your attention on this part of your body.  Really feel the physical sensations.

Imagine a gentle loosening or unwinding.  A gentle release of pressure, like the slow unclenching of a fist into a loose, relaxed hand.

Even a little bit of time spent relaxing a small fragment of your body can do great good for the whole.