Today we ask that you let go of something.

We cannot tell you what that is.

But all of you hold on to things.  Regrets.  Mistakes.  Things you wish had not happened.  Things you feel you deserve, that you do not have.  Things you feel you did not deserve, that happened to you.  Grudges.  Unrequited loves.  Injustices.

Deep down, in your heart, you know what you are holding on to.  You know that it does no good.  You cannot change the past.  You cannot change the hearts and minds of other people.  You cannot change the hand of destiny.

So choose of one these things.  It does not have to be a big one.

Imagine this thing has a shape.  Imagine holding it in your hands.  Let your mind show you this thing as an object.  Give it form.

Once you have it in mind, take this object, and tie it to a string attached to a big, brightly colored balloon.

Release the balloon into the sky, carrying your burden with it.  Watch it dwindle, and disappear.  It vanishes into the light.

Release your regrets, your grudges, your injustices, your unrequited loves.  Release them.  

Each one is a heavy weight.  But once you release it, it is so light that it can easily fly away from you.  Let it go, so that you can be free.