Today we ask that you release your grip on something.

What does this mean?

Many of you have various needs and goals that you are pursuing at any given moment.  Resolutions for 2012.  Desires and plans and schemes.  Things that you need to get done.  Things that you perhaps feel behind the eight ball on.

We ask you to select one of these.  One of your unfinished projects, or your short-term or long-term goals — especially one that you may feel some charge around.  Fear that it will not happen.  Fear that you will drop the ball unless you stay on top of yourself.

Whatever this thing is, imagine it as an object you are holding in your hands.  Give it a shape, a color, a weight, a texture. Is it hot, cold, or neutral.  Does it look like any particular thing.  Whatever comes to mind.

Imagine you are holding this object.  Notice how you are holding it.  How tight is your grasp?  Do you feel some anxiety as you grip it?  How does your body feel?

Now: imagine setting the “goal object” down on the ground.  Maybe down on a soft, fuzzy, warm carpet.  Maybe on green grass.  Maybe on a solid wooden floor.  Whatever feels like a proper place for your object.  A very solid place to put it, where it will not roll away.  It will sit there safely.

Set it down.  Take a few steps back from it.  Notice how you feel.  Are you uneasy?  Are you relieved?  How does your body feel?

It is okay to leave it there.  You can walk away from it.  It is perfectly safe.  You can return to it at any time.

Humans can only do one thing at a time very well.  There is no use carrying around all these goals and unfinished things. Set them down.  Return to them when it is time.  Just do not carry all this unnecessary weight.