Today we ask you to meditate on cultivating methods of discharging the anxious energies that you carry in your minds and bodies.

Many of you spend your days with chronic anxiety humming as a perpetual undercurrent in the background of your consciousness.  For some of you, this is so severe that you take medication to contain it.

It is akin to a radioactive leak at a nuclear facility.  There is a continual low-grade release of toxicity into the system that you must constantly clean up.  Sometimes these energies build up and you experience an explosion: rage, panic, or a sinking into crushing depression.

Radioactivity is a good metaphor for this condition.  For, like the clean-up workers in Japan, many of you are exposed on a daily basis to toxic thought forms.  You take them in when you watch or read the news, you take them in when you watch television, or look at a computer.  You take them in from your friends, family members and co-workers.  These are thought forms rooted in fear, that project a future in which terrible things will happen and you are doomed.  Absorb too much of this energy, and you are headed for an “explosion.”

Given the prevalence of toxic thought forms in your society, we would strongly encourage you to cultivate practices for discharging these energies in a healthy way.  Limit your exposure to these energies as much as is feasible for you.  Tried-and-true methods for discharging these energies include: meditation; time spent outdoors; physical exercise that feels nourishing and grounding for the body (as opposed to punitive or self-hating); taking part in healthy group spirituality; singing and dancing; listening to music; spending time in the company of individuals whose presence nourishes your soul; relaxing through massage; or bathing in a conscious, healing way.

Most of you know deep down what makes you feel better and helps you sleep at night.  Even a little time spent each day nourishing yourselves and discharging unhealthy energies can do a world of good.