A New Year’s Message:

Many of you enter this New Year with trepidation about changes and instability.  At the same time there is a sense of excitement, an awareness that something new is coming.

We ask you now not to fear this coming year.  There is much going on behind the scenes of your reality.  Many beings transitioned out of their physical bodies this past year, that they might play a part in these changes.

We will define the change in your world as a transformation from the “old fuel” to the “new fuel.”

What do we mean by this?

We are sure that images come to mind when you think of “old fuel.”  In your world, this is represented by “fossil fuel” — old energy sources taken from decomposed organic life, infused with the energy of the old dinosaur world from which it comes.  This fuel has served its purpose, but it is apparent to most of you that the time has come for humans to find new ways to power their world.

There are other kinds of “old fuel.”  Just as your oil comes from the dinosaur kingdom, many humans are still caught up in ways of thinking and acting that are based in ancient genetic modes of behavior.  It is what some of you describe as “Darwinian” — survival of the fittest, dog eat dog, and so forth.  This mode of behavior is dedicated to the consumption of resources at any cost so as to pass down advantage to one’s direct genetic descendants — or, at best, members of one’s tribe.

Though an individual operating in this consciousness may be capable of loving behavior to members of his family or immediate tribe, anyone outside of this circle is perceived as a potential threat.  If such a being declares the other as a threat, this being can justify almost any action, no matter how dehumanizing or even violent, in order to protect the members of his tribe.  Such patterns of behavior are, of course, very ancient.  So this too we define as “old fuel.”

What, then is the “new fuel.”

The new fuel has these qualities: it is light.  It is inexhaustible.  It causes no harm.  If the old way is fossil fuel, the new way is solar.  It is available in the great rhythms of the earth: wind and water, heat from the volcanism of the deep, shifting tides, magnetism.  New sources that are not yet known to man — for men must grow in their capacity to love before such vast and potent sources can be tapped.  Yet all this is coming.

The young ones, coming up, are charged with this new energy.  They grow weary of the ways of their fathers, the ancient ways of corruption, greed, violence, tribal loyalty, lives spent in meaningless drudgery to bring benefit to one’s genetic offspring.  The young ones are waking up.  Or rather, they are not falling asleep as easily as those who came before.  They have not yet come into their power.  Most of them are still very young.  It is up to those of you in the vanguard — those of you open to this message — to prepare the way for them.

Love is the new fuel.  It is light.  It is inexhaustible.  It is the inconceivably powerful dynamo at the heart of all creation.  It is everywhere.  It drives your physical universe.  In your reality it may seem hidden and obscured.  Yet it is everywhere.  It is in the green growing things, it is in the life that is all around you — life fueled by light, life that gives itself to you in love, absolute love, the air you breathe, the matter that nourishes your bodies.  All fueled by love.

This is the new way.  It is, of course, older than time itself.  It has always been, and always will be.  But you have been caught up in your fears, and blind to it.

You have nothing to fear in this year, majestic ones.  Those of you who can understand this message have nothing to fear. No one has cause to fear these changes.  They are purely good.  Please understand, they are purely good.

We know that many of you have been experiencing extreme discomfort in the past few years.  This has all been part of the awakening process.

Here is a way to understand it: almost all of you were, in the process of your upbringing, socialized to operate on the “old fuel.”  For most of you, this caused great discomfort during your childhood and adolescence, for you sensed this was not the true way.  And yet you had no choice but to do as you were told.

So you learned to operate on the old fuel.  It never worked well, but it worked to some degree.  And you functioned as best you could, and followed the rules of acquisition and labor.  Many of you worked at jobs that you did not particularly believe in, so as to accrue material possessions and pass them on to your descendants or tribe.

This is no longer going to work for you.  What has been happening in the past few years is that the old, fear-driven fuel is actually shutting down the systems of the sensitive ones.  Imagine putting gasoline into a solar-powered vehicle.  It will not work.  It shuts down the system.  So many of you have been “crashing” and experiencing severe discomfort.

We are here to tell you now that these things have been happening not because something is wrong with you, but because everything is right with you.  You are not meant to run on the old fuel.

Wake up.  Wake up.  Notice what causes you to “crash.”  Notice the messages that you take in on the television and in the news, that broadcast the old fuel, the old ways, the dinosaur ways.  Stop listening to these messages.  Turn away from the old darkness into the light, like flowers turning your heads toward the sun.

See the beauty around you.  Be with your friends and loved ones.  Appreciate all that is good.  This is the new fuel, the new way.  Ask: how can my loving heart contribute to this world?  How might I appreciate and share love this day?  This is the new fuel, the new way.

Nothing is wrong with you.  Everything is right with you.  The discomfort you feel is your soul, your spirit, pulling you toward the light.  Resist no longer.  Come into the light, and be a beacon for the new generation that is coming.  Step into the light.  You have not, and will not, be led astray.