Today we would ask that you plant a seed.

What do we mean by this?  

A seed is a life form, a new creation, that you desire to grow.  So this seed, this golden seed, is something that you wish to water and nurture in this great transformative year that is now at hand.

We cannot tell you what your seed is.  We ask you now to look into your own heart to discover the seed.  Not your mind.  Your heart.  Focus your attention on your heart, and ask what it is.  Listen.  Whatever comes to mind, whatever begins to form there — that is your seed.

It does not have to be a great life-changing thing.  Seeds can produce little flowers as well as trees.  Nor does the acorn have more value than the dandelion.  So whatever your seed is — it is good.

It is just something that you’d like to grow this year.  It is as simple as that.  Some desire in your heart that yearns to be planted and nurtured.  We cannot tell you what it is.  Most people have many such seeds.  Start with one for now.  One seed.

Hold this golden seed in your consciousness.  Imagine planting it.  Wherever you’d like to plant it — in a beautiful pot, outside in the garden, perhaps in your favorite spot from childhood — make sure the soil there is rich and nourishing.  Plant the seed with love.  Water it with love.

Now all you need do, as we move into this great year, is keep your seed in mind.  As you would with any seed.  Water it with your attention.  Even if you focus on this seed only once a week, that is enough.  Remain patient, and loving.  And we promise you, dear ones — in time this little seed will germinate, and it will grow.  If you give it light, and water it — it cannot help but grow.  It is a law of nature.